HONGE CANON / dutch weapon
Honge in "Honge canon" means Dutch. Thus Honge canon also means the canon introduced by Dutch into Orient. There is a documentation that indicates Honge canon was introduced into Chosun Dynasty in 1631, just before Hamel and his companies reached. Actually there are several theory how it was exactly imported or invented but one very convincing is related with Jan Janse Weltevre, the 1st Dutch in Korea. After he served as an military officier, he was assigned for making a new canon. When we see that Hamel was also assigned to work with Jan Janse Weltevre for a weapon it explains a lot.
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Jan Janse Weltevree / yeon park
Weltevree was born around 1595, according to Hamel in De Rijp, though other sources speak of Vlaardingen. He signed on the ship 'Hollandia' and went on March 17, 1626 to Dutch East Indies. In the Chosun Dynasty at that time, there was an isolation policy so the captured privateers could not leave the country. Jan Janse took the name Park, Y?n and was a government official. Jan Janse married a Korean woman with whom he had two children. According Weltevree, the two others were killed in 1636 during a raid of the Manchu. They would have fought in the Korean army.Then in 1653 the ship 'De Sperwer' was wrecked en route from Jakarta to Taiwan, with Hendrik Hamel on board, and Jan Janse as a translator and adviser to the King.
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